Electronic Form I-9 and Instant E-Verify
from Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration
We provide the most comprehensive electronic, error-detecting Form I-9 solution which requires no employer upgrade.
Electronic Error -detecting Form I-9
New Hires
Employers create a centralized I-9 management process utilizing reports, assigned User roles and secure access.
Seamless one-click E-Verify® submission from the electronic Form I-9
Automated 90/60/30 day expiring document alerts sent to management
Remote Hire Options - Section 1 employee completion options
Full Compliance with 8 CFR part 274a; E-signature and storage of Form I-9 Final rule
Real time, Excel reporting options; I-9 audit log and employee receipt options
Electronic Capture
Post Hire
Employers can have a totally paperless I-9 Compliance process by utilizing our Electronic Capture service to scan and index historical
I-9 Forms and supporting documents. Benefits of Electronic Capture:
Records are retrievable 24/7 and provide 90/60/30 day expiring document alerts
Reporting and termination/purge options
Post Hire only
E-Verify® is the internet based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social
Security Administration and is accessible through our seamless interface with E-Verify®.
Streamlined process for submitting E-Verify® queries
One-Click submission from our error-detecting electronic I-9 Form / Results within 5 seconds
Step-by-Step user instructions and automated management alerts for E-Verify® processes/changes
Auditing Services
We use a patented electronic I-9 Auditing application to identify missing I-9s, extra I-9s and record all I-9 errors, omissions, and/or
discrepancies. An Audit identifies
weaknesses in the employer’s I
-9 Form processes and makes recommendations for corrective
actions for each I-9 Form.
Upon completion of the Comprehensive Audit:
Highlighted I-9 Forms will be returned to the employer organized in binders
Employer will receive a comprehensive I-9 Audit result (summary of errors, omissions and discrepancies)
Employer will receive Final Audit communication detailing Audit findings
Compliance Consulting
I-9 Compliance consulting services available as requested and billable at agreed upon terms.
Electronic Data Interchange
Custom Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) process:
Missing I-
Terminated I
Transfer I
Hire Date Discrepancy
Termination/Purge Capabilities
Enhances the Employer’s Managemen
t Capabilities to Monitor Compliance
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Rev. June 2017