Income Tax Return and Employer Verification (ITRV)
from the Internal Revenue Service
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) developed and administers an income and employer verification solution called
Form 4506T
Request for Transcript of Tax Return
. We offer this superlative consent-based service.
ITRV benefits
Direct access
to official IRS database
Accurate results
preventing misrepresentation of employment by
revealing employers
omitted by the applicant
Absolutely confirm the income claimed
by the applicant
Mitigation of fraud
by matching Name, SSN or ITIN or EIN, and Address
Personal and Business
Tax Return Verification for any purpose
Fast 3-day turn-around time
(TAT) of electronic Transcripts instead of
paper Transcript delivery
eSignature is allowed
ITRV uses
Loan originations (Mortgage, Auto, Personal)
Tenant screening
Forensic Accounting / Fraud Investigations
Any applicant purpose (customers, new accounts, policyholders, etc.)
Compliance with internal, state and federal regulations
Which transcripts are available?
Form 1040, 1120 series, and other Income Tax Return Forms
available for current
year plus prior 3 years (4 year total)
Form W-2, 1099 and other Wage and Income Documents
available for current
year plus prior 9 years (10 year total)
is an Authorized Participant in IRS 4506T service
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Rev. May 2016